Our mission is to ensure all of our investments are implemented in our standardised, professionally managed system, so our clients can lay back and enjoy the ROI. You can expect a competent finish across all of our services as well as a luxury taste in design whilst suiting your needs and requirements. We will ensure all of our work is completed to your standards in order to enhance your property or portfolio to its best potential.

Endre Tamas / CEO

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Our team

Altmen Investments Ltd is a small family run business operating in the North West.

At Altmen we are made up of a skilled workforce to enable our company to work to its best ability. The team is trained before carrying out any of our services, this is to provide you peace of mind that each colleague has the expertise required to master your expectations.

Their training is vigorously updated regularly to maintain everyone in the loop with current circumstances such as COVID-19 regulations and follow social distancing with precautions throughout their work..

To protect you and your loved ones, we certify that our staff comprehend to the current Government guidelines regarding the pandemic and follow the social distancing throughout their work. This ranges from our individual social distanced office spaces with sanitising stations, staff working from home and those on the frontline of the company wearing masks at all times as well as holding online meeting to prevent the possible spread of coronavirus.

To us what matters: – building relationships equally as important as building/refurbishing properties.

Our customers know, when we make a promise we keep it. This is called Altmen Trust. That’s what sets us apart.

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